What is a Home Warranty and How Do They Work?

The greatest investment anyone can ever make into their lives is the purchase of a home. Whether it’s new construction in a mixed-use development over in the exurbs or a century-old home in a long-established neighborhood down in the city, a home is a place to...

What are the benefits of a solid home warranty, and what do they cover?

You now know what a home warranty is, how they work, what items and systems can be covered under their original or extended warranties, and how much having a home warranty can save you when something breaks down (see previous blog posts). Now it’s time to learn about...

Cost comparison: How much can a home warranty save you versus cost?

So far, you’ve learned what a home warranty is and how they work, as well as what items and systems are under limited or extended warranty. Now comes the next part of our series: What do you do when an item or system in your home suddenly breaks down — pay for it out...

How to find out what items are under warranty or extended warranty

Your brand new refrigerator. The washer and dryer set that continues to impress years after purchase. The air conditioning system that keeps your family cool in the summer and the heater that keeps them warm in the winter. All of these machines and more in your home...




Technician was kind and efficient, and he explained what he was doing. Very pleased with the service call and 4EverHome USA plan.

Henry Foster | 8/24/22


Thus far, so good! The sign-up procedure was simple, and their representative was professional, detailed, and helpful in explaining all of my choices. I’m curious to see how the warranty works at the time of a repair

Oliver Byrne | 8/13/22


The technician was knowledgeable and completed the work in a timely manner. He had to make a second trip to finish the repair since he didn’t have the spare available

William Finch | 8/24/22


The communication between 4EverHome USA and the technician assigned to the job was excellent. The job was finished to a high standard

Ellis West | 8/14/22

Signing up for service with 4EverHome…

Signing up for service with 4EverHome USA was a fantastic experience. I received a letter to call for coverage, the associate who I worked with guided me through the technicalities and crafted a package for me that made financial sense for me before I could even check their website for plan selections. I believe I received good value for my money.

Nathan Ward | 7/4/22

A pleasant experience

A pleasant experience! We’re up and running in less than 24 hours. The technician was courteous and knowledgable. When parts were available, I never had to wait long. I’ve had 4EverHome USA almost one full year and it has paid for itself in terms of time, money and stress savings.

Philip Faulkner | 7/3/22

So far

So far, I’ve only had one claim filed. It went extremely smoothly. Our ceiling was leaking, and a section of piping needed to be replaced. They swiftly dispatched a plumber, who repaired it the next morning. Highly Recommend 4EverHome USA

Anna Gill | 7/3/22